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Designed For All-Day Comfort

Our masks were designed to be lightweight, breathable and easy on your skin. Our masks are perfect for a long day at work or a hard workout. Try FreFlo and feel the difference.

Product Features:

  • Three layers of protection
  • Water-resistant polyester outer layer
  • Anti-bacterial cotton middle and inner layer
  • Breathable skin friendly design
  • Washable up to 30 times
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Adult & Kids sizes available

A Green Choice

Our reusable masks reduce the pollution created by disposable masks. Disposable masks are contributing to plastic waste on our streets and in our oceans.

Why Choose Us?


  • Independently tested by Bureau Veritas
  • FDA registered
  • Compliant with CDC guidelines
  • Trusted by hospitals, school districts, Insurance companies and public safety professionals
  • We listen to our customers and are constantly updating our designs

What makes us different?